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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
Grammatical errors go beyond typos. There are quite a few grammatical errors.

Since you have a bit of a long name, repeating it three times in the opening paragraph on your home page makes for an awkwardly forced read.

Search engines penalize sites for duplicate content. I've found your service page content on at least 3 other sites.

The gallery page, as pointed out, doesn't work. Are those placeholder pics? I don't recall seeing many palm trees the last time I was in the Canton area.

I'd suggest combining your estimate and contact forms. They make up 1/3 of your menu options, but are essentially redundant.

Why are there two links to a web design company on every page? Out of curiosity, did you hire them to build your site or is it a friend or...?

There is essentially zero SEO for your site, so you'll want to address that.
A friend of mine design websites, i did pull text for 4 of my services online. Gonna write them now. How do i enhance SEO?
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