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Smartphones are all about effiency and if you are growing your business on a daily basis as I am ( I don't have one) I can see the advantage of having one ( which is why I want one just can't make up my mind which one) Even without one I can pretty much do everything I need to with my regular cell, short of checking e mail. I guess when I see clouds in the sky I kinda figure it's gonna rain soon so I don't really need to look at radar for that LOL. I do answer all calls because it is probably that next customer and these days people will NOT WAIT like it or not it is the nature of the beast. I don't like to wait either so I'm just as guilty. My goal is to return your call as guickly as possible if I'm not able to catch the call, again the nature of the beast. I love the feeling when someone says WOW! that was quick, you have the job! I hear it all the time.
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