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Originally Posted by newz7151 View Post
Believe you me, there are plenty of us here that were looking for Debby to make the left turn and head towards Texas to refill our lakes, some of which are as much as 30-40 foot low and less than 50% full, IF not counting the ones that have dried up and not been able to catch any water. Something like that storm, had it come in and stalled over the Texas hill country and dropped 14-20 inches of rain would have added greatly to Lake Travis and probably even Buchanan.
So close and yet so far Weatherman had said they expected it to go NW.

Meanwhile, Florida Water Management has announced it is "moving" water. That's a code for dumping billions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean in advance of a protracted dry spell. It's uncanny how they can do it every time.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
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