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Here yu go, June photo's
Things here are burning up and I've done created a monster and can't keep up. Thinking about letting the lawn go dormant and focus on keeping the roses, landscaping, shrubs, tree's and garden alive.

Just to much to water with a hose and were on city water, this months bill will be at least $200

Ok, waited to reply till I got new photo's so here they are, as you can see the lawn is under a lot of stress from the heat and no rain. Only going to get worse with 100+ degree temps and no rain.

You might want to open two browser pages to see side by side shots at before and now.

Still looking good here

Got the honeysuckles almost filled in again, this time neighbor can't get to them and its burning her up

I got grape wine, LOL Peaches and early girls. Been a good year for tomoto's and going to have plenty of those.

First ripe tomato's coming in

Peaches are about the size of a baseball

Its a jungle in there LOL


God created man, man plants grass, fertilized and watered the grass to watch it grow. Man cut grass and this confused God; in his infinite wisdom where did he go wrong? Why would man work, plant, water and once it grew cut it down just to see the process repeat.

Then God created Women
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