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Originally Posted by cindyb View Post
What facts are you providing them? I don't have a settlement to refer to. I guess I need to also be concerned with where my new soil is coming from.
I give them the chemical name and also let them know this is a herbicide, not a pesticide, but some just hear "cide" which means death and they don't want to mess with it. Some don't want EPA regulations to mess with, but a few I think are understanding this stuff can be taken to certain dumps. But, they have to check for themselves to make sure they don't get in trouble for any reason. I can't just say that I want the trees and soil taken away, because they want to know why so much soil is getting removed too.

My dead trees are really attracting insects to my property that are causing additional problems for my gardens. Just another item to add to the growing list of things I'm demanding to be compensated for.

DuPont has reported they are pleased with how many of the 30,000 claims (in direct process) are accepting the offer. They estimate it will cost them $575 million. In comparison, analysts estimate for those with attorneys (lawsuits) it's between $3 to $4 billion.
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