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Take a look at the underside of your seat and measure the bolt pattern. It should be 11" x 11-1/4" (11-1/4 across on the pic). If so, and the nuts are accessible, it should just plop right in there. It comes with nylock-type nuts. Measure your seat switch as I described before to see if it's a normally open or closed switch. The Michigan's seat is normally open and the switch closes when sat on.

Notice the switch still dangling. I still haven't installed the new one (shame on me). Maybe I'll do it today, which is a step up from "maybe tomorrow". This is the original switch that had to plugged in but not installed to satisfy the machine.

You may notice that the Michigan seat is a bit fatter than the OEM seat to accommodate the suspension, but I never even noticed. If anything, it's a bit better for me. Anyway, you sink into it quite a ways. If you end up getting one, let us know what you think. Everyone's situation is different.
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