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You could be right bud, however thats where both tree's were growing together and the guy who cut it out (not electric co.) we hired a tree service to cut and grind out what stump he could without harming the other tree.

Now I attached you another pic, this was last year and the best I have but if you look close you can see brown on the Left side of the clump of tree's? Also look overtop of the right side of the house you will see a tree that looks dead? Also ours. This was what happened last summer and it wasn't only mine it was the whole area which was what prompted me to call the tree service I spoke of that was interviewed on the local news. He came out and wanted to do tree injections $600, like I said and if we didn't they would be dead this spring.

This pic might not do no justice and might have to dig it off my server and upload the uncompressed picture for you but my point is, this is what I'm watching for. It's only on the tree closest to the street were talking about now, but last year it was all of them on the leaves up high.

Also as I said, was in town again today and repeat of last summer. I see a lot of tree's worse off then mine and YELLOW as if it were fall of the year??

Think I may just be over reacting with mine? I don't know, I mean yea I see your point and get some of the bark back but also wondering if this is something I can't prevent no matter what I do?

God created man, man plants grass, fertilized and watered the grass to watch it grow. Man cut grass and this confused God; in his infinite wisdom where did he go wrong? Why would man work, plant, water and once it grew cut it down just to see the process repeat.

Then God created Women
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