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Originally Posted by gar View Post
excellent, thank you Jim....

In your opinion is the Triplett 3271 a good choice overall ?

my opinion of any product is subject to change when i find a better product. for a lot of years i have been using the CLT2 or the 3271 so that in itself says a lot.

i have been using the T-3 Snapshot for the last few months and finally sent my 3271 to a good friend in texas to try for a couple of months. i am pretty cautious when it comes to trying new products. first i never do a job without a backup locator in case the new one fails me. secondly once i feel confident with the new equipment i loan the backup to a friend so i have to push through with the new equipment.

the 3271 is prolly the best TDR that i have used that is below $200.

i haven't used the Psiber or a few of the others that are below $350.

i can say that the 3271 is well worth the money that you've spent and it's also worth the investment in time required to learn to use it.

answer me this, have you tried it out on any wiring yet?
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