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Hi Brandon,

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'm proud to tell you that all of the items you bring up are things that are on our near term roadmap, with the exception of Inventory Management, which is a little more medium term. Allow me to elaborate.

1. Man-Hour pricing as well as product costs is something that will be coming soon as part of the Job Costing functionality that we're currently working on.

2. We have a plan that we will be moving forward soon to build out a new mobile interface that will be bundled as both a native iPhone and Android app. The reason we started with a web based mobile application is because the product is changing and being improved upon so quickly. The Apple App Store in particular requires an approval process that can take many weeks, which would of course be a problem for us and our users if we were to add or change critical functionality in the application, but have it not available in the mobile app for several weeks. Now that the core functionality has stabilized we have a little more freedom to go the native app route. Stay tuned!

3. We have medium term plans to build Inventory Management functionality into Jobber, and a searchable product database will certainly be a part of this kind of functionality.

We're constantly working to improve Jobber, adding new features regularly and paying close attention to the needs of our customers. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I hope you choose to use Jobber, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you grow and improve your business.

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