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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
It's frustrating. I have never noticed anything as sever as this in my 12 plus years. The unhappy client is just another stress factor.

I guess it is partly where your coming from. Compared to Hustler, which handles pretty well on slopes IMO, the 460s are light in the front end. The 460 I think may be a tad better on slopes once you tighten the seat isolators a little, but it also has new tires also so it's hard to say.

I just reinstalled the no flats and am going to run them. Found something out that I hadn't thought of before. The no flats weigh about four times as much as the pneumatics. So this may help in more weighs then one (pun intended). I'll update later.

How about the stripe kit users? Any decreased QOC since installed?
My cut quality continues to be superb. Like a carpet. Sharp blades every two days.

I have to be honest, I don't find the front end light. I have climbed some serious hills and thought I was in trouble but this thing is a billy goat. Even had my seat belt on and ROPS up I was so nervous but she stuck!!
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