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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So... does the stuff work better with excessive moisture?
I think you've misunderstood the conversation.

Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS
So, how does a good watering program serve to minimize the impacts of NRS? What moisture level (or lack thereof) does NRS seem to thrive in?

Originally Posted by scientia
It thrives in prolonged wet conditions, think rotting.
If you can't control all the environmental variables to prevent it, well
Spraying preventative and curative apps of chitin for NRS is like wiping with sand paper, yeah it feels like your doing something butt at the end of the day
what was gained.

Originally Posted by Smallaxe.
I too was interested in an answer to the question...
What do you mean by your answer???. it seems like your saying that the turf should be excessively wet in order for the stuff to work...

It's Necrotic Ring Spot that thrives in wet conditions, the turf should not be excessively wet when applying NPP.
And it has been stated several times in this discussion that NPP (which contains chitin) will only alleviate the symptoms. A complete cultural program must be established to reduce/eliminate the cause of NRS. NPP is not a miracle cure.
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