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Help with hiring a Salesperson

I have been in business now since 2005 on a part time basis but sold my other business and would now like to AT LEAST double the amount of lawn contracts I have. I am definitely visionary entreprenur but I lack TREMENDOUSLY on organizational skills and persistence. For that reason I am looking to hire an accountant and a salesperson.

I have found the CPA but do not know how to go about the salesperson. Considering that the company is now very small, 2-3 fulltime employees, I do not have much of a budget allowed for "non-performance" personel. I would like to hire someone on either full commission or at a low salary plus commission. THE PROBLEM IS THAT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO STRUCTURE THE COMPENSATION. I do not know what % commission that should receive.

Does anyone know of a company that could be sub-contracted to that has contacts throughout the country.

I am looking to pick up about $50,000-$150,000 of contracts in the next 12 months, and would prefer it to be limited to 2-3 clients (at least $10,000 contracts). Some ideas of contracts I would like are nationwide retail chains (McDonalds, Walmart, etc), telecomunication companies, DOTD contracts, casinos, malls, school boards, right-of-ways, etc. Located in Baton Rouge, LA.

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