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The truths gets diluted when you still have access to cavalcade and can claim that Fiesta is the only product being applied. Try going without.

My comment is not based on boosting sales volumes and profit as other posters here. Come to Ontario and see for yourself.

Glendstone Memorial will be the showpiece for Alternative products, with the secret application of Cavalacade when nobody is watching.

Regrowth will occur within 2 weeks with Fiesta. Excessive usage of Fiesta dries out and thins lawns.

If you live in an area with no restrictions on 2,4-D or Cavalcade, don't waste your time with FIESTA. If you have customers who want Alternatives on their lawn for safety reasons, educate them that EPA, PMRA registered pesticides are SAFE to use for even Pregnant Women and Children to roll around in the grass.

Stand up to BEYOND PESTICIDES, Jay Feldman and Safelawns Paul Tukey.

90% Resale more than likely means that they need that much more product, 6-8 apps to get it to work.

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