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location keywords and info - i see portland as a recurring theme, which is a competitive term, and one of the reasons you are probably struggling to see great search results. battling for portland is great, but you should absolutely pick the low-hanging fruit of suburb names and related towns. people have become much more sophisticated with their internet searches, so someone living in hillsdale or portsmouth is just as likely to search using those as they are portland. shape your content around the more specific municipalities.

Great idea- I will implement this soon!

alt tags for images - put in location-based keywords (ie, stone wall in lake oswego)

Unfortunately, my current template does not give me this level of control. At least, I don't think so- I will make sure.

images - looks like you guys do some great projects, so you should really showcase those now and in the future. you work in a visual medium, so really feature that. as they currently are, each small image you have run about 200k each. with the current visible size, you could go down to 25k without noticing one bit.

Thanks- we are slowly getting more pictures. I recently got a nice DSLR and have been visiting past sites. I will slowly incorporate them in this site- and unleash them all in the next update.

I would also recommending rewriting the maintenance page to be a bit more keyword rich and descriptive. You can create some nice H tags out of those new additions.

Will do.

Continuing the rewriting thought, your home page has quite a few services that you offer, but only as a list. Where it makes sense, link those to additional sub-pages and write about what those services are/entail.

I agree. I am maxed out on pages, but will have a lot more on the new one.

Also, flip the tree frog so he's looking the other way...
Ha! I am going to completely get rid of him!
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