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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
This could get your Thesaurus ready......
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All I want hear is his answer He said my answer was wrong and he has not said what right answer is
On top my Lawn service
I do repair work on mowers if I know the ppl The local repair shop is always back up
Few weeks ago meet a guy in a parts store he asking them if they knew problem The parts guy pointed my way said He would know
I ask what was wrong His mower was eating batteries
He unhook his saftey switch on his seat I told him hook up a toggle switch and remember to flick it on at end of the day
Week later he came by said that fix it
I told him I have 5 mowers with a toggle switch to by pass the seat Some times the guys forgets to flick them and come monday the batteries are flat

I cant bypass the relay the roll over switch is hook in the same relay
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