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Originally Posted by SLMGT View Post
I have a Hustler Super Z that holds a charge for about 20 cranks or so and then the battery must be recharged. The electrical system has been checked and the system is charging. The battery has been checked under a load and the battery is good.

The only thing we can fiqure is there is a very small cut on a wire that is causing a short and draining the battery. My knowledge of electrical systems is very limited. Even though the seat safty switch is being debated, I am ready to try anything.
Nothin' to debate..........

You need to go over your wiring closely. Pay attention to the motor connections, looking for any loose connections. Check out the fuse holders and connections. Big difference 'tween sittin' still in a shop and bouncin' around in the field!
You shouldn't have any draw/drain on the battery with the key off. A quick way to check is pull the + cable and put a test light 'tween the cable and the bat post. If it lights , you have something draining the juice.
You should get a wiring diagram from the mfg. site and go over it.

Oh yeah, this would've helped :
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