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The heat is on even worse now than when I posted! Its been around 105 degrees for the past two days and it looks like tomorrow will be the same way and even monday but they're calling for some rain next week!!!!

As for my mower I have a lot of lawns with hills and on Thursday I was mowing up an approximately 30 degree slope and the mower slipped out of gear (1st and 2nd slip out sometimes since someone before me must of hauled the mower in gear to keep it from rolling and it messed up the keys) and the mower went down the hill and off a 4 ft retaining wall. The lever to switch gears broke off on impact and now it won't stay in any gear (the gear shift lever is super easy to move now). and for a new tranny I'm looking at $300 or so and both spindle housings are worn and need replaced (already tried bearings and it didn't help since the actual housing is worn out). So I'm looking at getting a Gravely 36in hydro with pro steer so it'll be easier on my hands.
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