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Originally Posted by williams lcm View Post
Many shrubs at my commericals are having to be cut every other week. They grow like crazy. Does this stuff real slow them down from growing? What about the vines that grow in the shrubs that pop up after a few days from being trimmed. My commericals have about 1hr worth of shrub trimming alone on each property. I think it would be worth it if you don't have to trim for 3 months.
The vines in the shrubs I would assume you would have to know what they are and read the label William. I am assuming you are talking about essentially a weed as it sounds as if they are not wanted there? Would dabbing them with a Round up Solution not be a better long term plan for them - using a sponge dipped in RU or a pvc glue applicator etc so that you only hit the targeted plant?

But to answer you question - assuming the information that I am being given is correct, which is what I am looking for other FL LCO's past experiences with this product in this thread, I would assume if you figure your time is worth $40 to $70 a hour - then it would not take you long to realize a return on your investment in this product - if you are spend that amount of time ( a hr on some properties doing shrubs). It would only make sense if this product works as described as you would essentially be able to just take off a few stray growths with a pair of felco inbetween applications each week and keep them very formal without much man power.

Here is the label - see for yourself if the shrubs you are most often trimming are on the label. As I said there is plenty of use for my three main fast growing shrubs that consistently need trimmed or have spurts of growth which cause a extra trip to the trailer for the trimmer and of course the time to trim and clean up.

William here is a link to the label if you want to review

So anyone with experience want to share? Positive/Negative reviews.
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