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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Blow anything under the plants and there will be drama. The expectation is that clippings of any kind are cleaned up. Be it grass clippings or hedge/shrub clippings.
William has it right that it is a accepted practice to blow short growth trimming right under the shrub. Is this the best it is a commonly accepted practice here by many in the commercial market for sure and even most of the home owner market. The best you can do is inform the consumer of why they should be removed and price it both ways for regular trimmings. The consumer is at least that way given the choice. I do have a few that are willing to pay for the extra time spent cleaning up the debris ...other still who do not but have nice enough looking properties that I will be a regular lawn boy and clean it up for free just because it bothers me too much, however, there are those that do not care about there properties that are essentially just paying to "have the lawn and shrubs cut" and if they do not care but still want to pay then I figure I am still open for business, there are way too many trailers on the road in Florida for me to tell a customer that I simply would refuse to do it, and I am smart enough not to do it for free on all properties, because I know in the end, if I can not give them the desired look they want at the price the market will bare..someone else will.
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