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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Atrimmec acts by killing the apical meristem. What I find is that there is some phytotoxicity, however the end effect is that the plant stays shorter and fills out. I have used it on stemmy hibiscus for that reason.

In my area, I do not know why growth regulators are unpopular. There is no such thing as leaving cuttings on property or at the curb. Landscapers must pay an arm and a leg for disposal unless they also have a 2 or 3 acre yard where they can dump stuff and let it rot. A rig like my engine drive backpack with disc-core nozzles would be the idea means to apply. 7 gallons applied in 7 minutes.
I can agree with disposal from your explanation. If it was not commonly accepted to leave for the homeowner to dispose of on their yard waste day here, a lco would incur great cost with waste produced in a given week from the cost of actually having enough space to hold all the debris, the time to dispose of it as well as the cost.

My thoughts with the redirected growth is that it maybe helpful to many of these shrubs, for example the older viburnum, which have been kept small and formal for many many years, all the leaves are on the outside two inches at most, if growth is redirected to create a more dense shrub I can not imagine that being a bad thing.
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