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Originally Posted by WorkinOnIt View Post
There are different models of them of course. I have not worked on any of the real new ones. I feel The main jet I tweaked on an older one was under a black plastic cap and inside a brass sleeve under that. I pulled the cap out with a screw and threaded a tap into the sleeve freeing it, and there was the main mixture jet with a slotted head. You really have to be careful with the Zama's and NOT lose the little roller that is in it.Easy to lose it upon disassembly and easier still to forget to reinstall it as it isn't your run-of-the mill carb part. I am glad you got the thing running Glynn. Everyone hates messing with these rotary carbs and I bet you can't adjust the new ones at all (till someone devises a way).
This is definitely not one of the newer 210's--that's what surprises me that it didn't have an adjustable jet--I just assumed--and we all know where that gets you.
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