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Originally Posted by McFarland_Lawn_Care View Post
Anyone care to give an update on how they are doing now that the season is in FULL swing and we got some nice weather? Yay!! I am having a little trouble finding good help and on the verge of firing one but overall not too bad. Lots and lots of work to do, hope to get all the lawns caught up, finish the round of fert/weed apps, and get a few other projects done this week before the end of the month. I'm beginning to think a "manager" might be good to help me out - just getting to be too much for me to handle and my foreman is a great worker but not much for the business end of things. We'll see - gotta start looking for some good talent. =D
I agree with you one the help issue. We have one kid who is a hard worker but a little mouthy, shows up late once a week. Another kid we just hired has a miserable attitude towards everything his job entails. Our lead guy quit last week because of a medical condition so we have to wait 2 weeks before another new guy joins us. How many crews do you run to need a "manager?"
I'm in the same boat, go to work 50-60 hours, then do payroll, figure out the crew schedules and on and on. I guess that's just the price we pay to play the game....
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