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Originally Posted by WorkinOnIt View Post
Yes, in the parts breakdown for your carb....the Main Mixture Screw (part no.34) is NOT listed. See the enclosed 138.....your carb listed on the end of the column...far right.

This is an excellent parts diagram breakdown and better than the one on the Zama site as it is clearer...and all the models and their respective componets are listed, but unfortunately the RB-K66B does NOT have the main mixture screw.
The 1st diagram/breakdown (2nd page down) of the above link is the carb I've been working on. Part #21 was the "plug" I removed and left off so I could tweak the high speed (this didn't work of course). Without this plug, I could spray WD40 into the jet and it would spray into the body of the carb--without the plug it was sucking air. Maybe I can remember if I see this again--but then at my age memory is not one of my strong suits--let's see what were we talking about---

You're right--this is a good parts diagram.
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