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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
There is a place up in northern Sumter, Lake and Marion county called "the Villages." I have known people who have worked there over the years. I hear it is a very difficult place to make a living cutting grass. You have to do huge volumes because the rates are so low. It sounds like where you live is worse.
Ya I've been selling cars and such for 20 years on the side. I should have stuck to that here. But we spent all our capital buying this house plus investing in the lawn business. So tempting to sell it off and get back into making $500-$1500 a crack on cars. I always work on them for something usually. Sometimes I don't have to do a thing to make $500 other than wipe a car out. If I put half of the effort into car sales that I do in lawns and maintaining equipment I could make more than I ever have.

That's why i say "i don't see how people are making it..." How can they run a business, all this overhead, gas, mowers, trimmers, vehicle, hard dirty work, get hit all day with debris, work on equipment, buy parts, sharpen blades and oil changes. And even come near making $40k a year. I would be happy with $20k a year at this point. I just don't see it.
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