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Originally Posted by Outlawn View Post
Thanks for the info, gents. I will have to go check and see if that gas station still has ethanol-free gas.

On a side note, I'm a firefighter and our department buys VP pre-mix 50:1 for our K-12 saws, chain saws, and handheld groundskeeping equipment. This is due in-part, I believe, to the VP fuel being ethanol free. Not to mention it's premix, so it's basically firefighter proof
Those saws have to be depended on at a moments notice, there is no time to be sitting around trying to get them repaired/kitted or standing there trying to crank it, you need it to crank within 3 pulls and get to your rescue. Pre-Mix has a reported in product shelf life of as much as 2 years stable. It's also important to remember to keep your gas out of the sun as much as possible, as it will breakdown/decay faster.
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