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I have the greatest customers EVER! tell us what clients have given you??

I have had some wackos but i drop them mad quick..but for the most part I have really really nice down to earth good hearted people, Mabye its because i always go the extra mile for them without any thought of reward and I am always being given stuff!! mostly large amounts of food or an old push mower that dosnt work heh.. but this week was great!!!! I was given an old craftsman rider I think its a 36 inch I have no use for it but i can pull the engine and stick it on my 32 inch Exmark that just blew up!! and the mother of all gifts a DR brush mower with a 30 inch Snow blower attachment thats a 3000$ machine!!!! with only 34 hours!! I am very happy!!

Side note if anyone notices the missing rear glass im fabbing a electric roll down window for the back glass on one of my 250s going down the Highway feels AMAZING!!

anyhoo what have people given you

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