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Originally Posted by sms8921 View Post
Bunton Guy I really like this idea. Can you explain a little how you add the clean ups and hedge trimming into the mix. You never know really how many leaves there are gonna be. I would like to go this route, just need a little help with figuring out the numbers.
Most neighborhoods we work in we already have 4-5+ yards in so we have a good idea of how much leaves etc... we will see.

I wanted to make a system to stop confusion for employees trying to learn which lawns get roundup,fert,leaf removal etc... This really helped when weaning myself out of the field.

I would say 90% of our residential homes are $350K+ and have aggresive HOA's. So between no time and very little outdoorsy skills we sell our clients on the "hands off" approach. We do everything from mulching,flower rotations,fert programs,lawn maintenance & landscape renovations for our clients. They LOVE the fact that we take care of everything....
As far as pricing our programs start with the lawn mowing,shrub trimming,leaf removal,fertilizer program & weed control. Aeration over-seeding & mulch/flowers is extra. All services are figured up on materials per sq. ft. pricing & estimated man hours. Then devided by 12 equal payments

Because we stay on top of mulching,leaf removal & shrub trimming the maintained natural areas never get out of shape. So "cleanups" in general are not needed. Now when we take over a new clients yard we charge a "startup" fee which includes trimming the shrubs to our specs and fresh layer of mulch, weed control in turf & natural areas if needed and a fertilizer application. This gets them up to speed so they fit in with the rest of our yards.
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