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Originally Posted by Bunton Guy View Post
Like I said most of the time we try to only market and take on new yards in neighborhoods we have lawn in or really close by. So we have a general idea of how much time it takes to get the leaves out and to the curb to be sucked up. Worst case scenerio I use my best judgment...I haven't been in the game forever (11 years) but I have done a lot of leaf removal so just staring up at the trees for a few minutes helps give me an idea of what kind of trees & how many leaves we will be dealing with.

Also when I visit a new property I have a list of questions I ask and write down the answers. Getting them to walk through the lawn and describe as much of it as possible really helps give me a idea of what we are getting our selfs into and gives them a chance to really see that we are LISTNERS and that we care. I think it really helps in the selling process that we listen and ask a ton of questions. Usually at the end of a meeting we get a hand shake and a " thank you" " you asked so many questions that we have never been asked before"

Lately I have come in as much as $40-60 and even as high as $80 more per month on residential lawns...and been able to sell them on a few key skills that their current providers are missing out on (communication !!!)
You provide full service for 40/ month? Where are you located and how do you cover your costs? I feel like on even a small property 40/month will not cover payroll? I'm I understanding you?
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