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Re: about me

Originally posted by bobbygedd
i was born at a very young age. in those days, it wasnt as easy as it is now for you kids. you dont know how good u have it. i used to have to walk the mule 12 miles to get water from the well, it was so hot, most of it evaporated before i got back, and god forbid i drank any of it, dad would whoop my butt when i got home. i had to wake up at 5am, milk the goat, do my chores, and get off to school. if my homework wasnt done, the teacher would hit me with a stick, then dad would hit me with whatever branches were still on the tree. we were so poor, we couldnt even pay attention , then i got older, and started cutting grass. i walked 5 miles to my customers house, and mowed 6 acres with a rusty old pushmower, up hill, both ways. yup, life was tough, but it made me a stronger person. now, i have 16 customers, 2 rusty mowers, and dont have to walk my mowers anymore, thats right, i pull them with my huffy 10 speed that i stole...ummm, i mean bought last year. yup, life is good, and they said i would never amount to anything.... the part about "up hill, both ways". You some kind of p/t comedian bobby???
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