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Originally Posted by newz7151 View Post
Those saws have to be depended on at a moments notice, there is no time to be sitting around trying to get them repaired/kitted or standing there trying to crank it, you need it to crank within 3 pulls and get to your rescue. Pre-Mix has a reported in product shelf life of as much as 2 years stable. It's also important to remember to keep your gas out of the sun as much as possible, as it will breakdown/decay faster.
They need to be depended on at a moments notice, AND sit idle for weeks at a time. The pre-mix cans are crazy expensive, but so are carbide chainsaw chains, and both of these are really suited for these specialized uses.
In these uses, they're well worth every penny.

Even Stihl doesn't recommend that lawn care professionals run their machines on their moto-mix all the time. They just say to empty the tank and use a shot of it to keep it over the winter.
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