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Originally Posted by ICT Bill View Post
Cindy nice to see you, Wanman here, we have been beating the boards together for many a year
To PM at all, you have to be a subscriber for 10 days and have at least 10 posts.

You will see some of your favorite aquascapes people here, no bottom drains and a lot of submersible pumps, how about the old can I lower my PH with vinegar question, welcome to the board. I like to exaggerate

Hey folks, if you have a fish health question Cindy is your man, or women OHH you know what I mean.
Dang I'm behind. I miss the AS folks. Graham is posting with me at koiphen. I keep in touch with Nancy on Facebook, she's in Canada now.

I'm doing a water change on the koi pond right now, 10% hot and no rain.

I switched to another koi health group, K.O.I. One of the best free booklets is at our new site Free to sign up and a test online if you want to see how much you know. I get to grade them. Just a bunch of koi nerds from all over the world teaching and learning koi health and how to figure out whats wrong.
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