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Originally Posted by LawnMastersTN View Post
We get the little bottles of stihl oil and make one gallon. We never have to worry about shelf life as we start everything every shift and use them at least every two weeks for something. Plus everything that we have other than our positive pressure fans are 2 stroke so we use alot.
Problem is, just starting them and running them for a few minutes doesn't really help all that much unless you are using ethanol free fuel to begin with or are using something like Ethanol Shield in your gas to protect everything. For those of you who are "doubting thomases", get you a gallon of 89 octane gas from a pump that displays that "may contain up to 10% ethanol" sticker. Get you two GLASS jars with a capacity of at least 1/2 gallon (really you could just use quart jars).
Go to your local dealer carrying the B3C products, or even Home Depot or your local Wal-Mart (your dealer will have larger sizes, Home Depot and Wal-Mart should only have it in the 2 oz bottles) and get you a bottle of the B3C Ethanol Shield.
Next, take your two jars and your gas. Fill both jars with the gas. In one jar, add the measured amount of Ethanol Shield. In the other, leave it plain. Now, measure out and add to each jar the correct ratio of whatever brand 2 cycle oil you are using, but make sure you are controlling your experiment here by using exactly the same amounts of gas and 2 cycle oil in the two jars.
So, what you should now have would be two jars with the same amount of gas and 2 cycle oil in each jar, one with Ethanol Shield added, and one without. Cap each jar and give a shake to get things agitated together. Let sit for 5 minutes and then view the results yourself. (ideally you would want to have an alcohol tester available to measure out how much ethanol is actually in your gas sample)

An even better visual of what your 2 cycle oil is (or rather isn't doing) in today's ethanol infused fuel can be seen if those of you that have E85 (85% ethanol/15% gas) available to you will use E85 for this experiment.

The results will be shocking to you when you see for yourself what is going on with the fuel and oil mix you are using in your 2 cycle stuff if you are not stabilizing the mixture with something like Ethanol Shield.
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