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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
I haven't been impressed with the oems for my grasses. Still getting stingers/stragglers in the thin wispy fescus. That and they are soft and not much meat to grind on. Seems anything I touch with them makes a ding in them. Sharpened them I believe three times and almost looks like I'll be lucky to get three or four more sharpenings out of them before I toss them. The fusions I've been running on my other mowers will have the rear lift wing wear through from our sandy soils in areas before I run out of meat to sharpen and don't seem to be effected as easily by small pebbles and debris. The fusions do take longer to sharpen though.
That's strange? My OEM blades say Marbain(MB) on them. I sharpen mine every two days(10 hours) and I still have plenty of life left. Must be a 52 thing...I would like to try the fusions, but haven't got around to it yet.
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