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The differences between a stander and a walk behind

Hello Everyone
Looking at investing money into some good equipment. Currently I mow about three standard residential yards. One extremely small yard that i would get with a regular push mower. And then a 1.5 acre estate that i currently mow with the owners really small poulan tractor and pull behind mower. I really want to get a better cut and spend less time mowing. I have a possible budget of about $2500. I looked at some zero turns but to get a decent one you need alot of money. So I really want a stander mower. This is because i think they could get the job done faster than a walk behind. Also i believe they are more maneuverable. The walk behinds are less expensive. But would they be as efficient? Can you get those things around trees and corners and stuff. I have never used one and just need some advice. Thank You!
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