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How To Perform Governor Adjustments on BBC Mowers

Has anyone ever tried to make any governor adjustments on any lawn mowers as equipped with the BBC?

My 1984 Toro 20672 is one of those mowers that are equipped with the BBC. The governed high speed, according to Toro, is between 2800-3200 RPM, which I believe is with the blade engaged. If the median is 3000, then with the clutch on (blade is not spinning), that would be closer to about 3100 RPM or so.

And my question is thus: What would I do to check the engine speed, with the blade spinning (meaning you c*ck the bail bar toward the engine and then back toward you, to spin the blade)? The tone and pitch of the engine will be slightly different with the clutch engaged (blade is disengaged, or not spinning). This is truly a two-man effort if you wish to do so with the blade engaged.

So, folks, what do you do to determine the engine speed, blade engaged vs. blade disengaged?

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