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Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
yeah I'm still getting jobs but just booking them for later in the month because we HAVE to get all this maintenance done! I think the economy is picking back up a little so people are more willing to spend some money on the landscaping. I thought maybe it was just me because my business is growing but other landscapers I know have been saying the same thing that they are getting a lot of jobs so its good for everyone I guess.
ya I felt the same way but everyone else is busy
Originally Posted by JMK Lawn Service View Post
Brad, you got a good thing going with your business. I need to grow more haha. I am subscribing to this thread now after trying to read some of your thread, but its just way too long! Great job on everything you do. Its good to see other young guys making it happen
Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words. and yes that is one of my favorite things about this site is seeing other guys my age doing the same thing. I have met many of the local guys around me that are on here as well as quite a few from ohio. Some have become great friends also. Its good to know there are other kids out there who work for what they have.

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