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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
I knew all of that regarding margins as told by others.....I figured though that it is a difficult market(PC) due to all the big companies that have low as dirt prices. Like you said, people can see a nice, green, weed-free lawn. They don't see the ants that you killed.....
Good Question and one I have ask myself many times. I could hire a Helper and have that head ache. If I hire 2 or 3 I can have a real head ache.

But you have it right, PC can be a very difficult market. Most CPO with both will trade 2 L&O for 1 good PC account. After years of dealing with the public I think I might of learned a few things. First don't let your customer interview you. You interview the customer while selling yourself. This establishes a pecking order from the start. Second and most important, SELL YOUR WEAKNESS. I am still learning inside PC, So I sell my weakness that I might not control the bug the first time. ""Mrs Jones rather than make your house Glow in the dark, I am going to take a more Conservative approach. If that doesn't work we will use more aggressive methods until the problem is solved"" Of course I pound the house so I don't have to come back. Gas cost more than pesticide.

Where I never had to have very much if any advertisement, PC requires a lot more. My Google bill runs just under $ 200 a month. My Yellow page ad is more. I use the EDDM program from the Post office. But my phone is averaging a call a day. I am closing 95% because I low balling a little to build a route. But of those calls 50% are one time calls that won't spring for yearly service. They will call me back any where from 6 months to two years for an other one time shot.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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