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Originally Posted by german13 View Post
Tried uploading pics but upload kept failing?

the tank to pump/ pump to tank recirc hose id is 3/4.. the spray hose is 1/2 id @ 100 ft..

the pump makes a true preasure and we have had no issue what so ever, sprays like a dream... hypro makes many different pump types aswell including small piston pumps if you would like to try something different... i like the roller there cheap, small, easily replaced on the fly if need be and can be rebuilt (replacing rollers) we have not had to do this yet... you will need the preasure regulator IMHO plumbed in gives you alot of control this way... hope it helps..

P.S I experimented with the trash pump and it will spray, however its no comparrison to the roller..imho
Thanks. That's really interesting how a trash pump is no comparison to a 12 volt roller. Are you using a strainer? I would like to see some pics of this setup. Some video of it, and especially it spraying would be awesome. I have little truck I would love to try it on.

You can email me the pics at subzmail at gmail dot com

I see there are several models in that 4000 series of pumps. Which model are you using to get these results?
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