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i still say just tape good flyers to their mailboxes. or paperboxes. i know entire companies that run off of this.

you are only going to get about 1 percent or a lil less return on them, maybe better when the economy gets better, but. will get high quality ones to you for real cheap.

so this advertisement is for us little folk who dont have enough work to say our time is worth 40 bucks an hour all of the time.

i know its been argued, and will be argued again, but this is NOT illegal.

I have read the law many many times, slowly , and carefully. it is not illegal unless you put them inside the mailbox.

that said, they will call you and threaten to give you a ticket. im sure they have even done so and people without knowledge have even paid the ticket. if you want to avoid the hassle..... put them on paperboxes, then on poles, then lastly on the side of the mail box.
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