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What did you pay for your Hustler FasTrak SD?

I'm looking at a Hustler FasTrak Super Duty 60" at my local Hustler dealer. I know the guy who owns the shop and and he brings his business to me, so I'd like to take my business to him as long as I'm not getting a bad deal in the process. I've searched the forums and found a few threads on this topic, but most were either for the non-super duty or were over a year old, and possibly no longer accurate. I know that I should not pay anywhere near full retail, and that the region of the country matters as well(I'm in South East GA). I have a trailer and would prefer to pick it up at the store, so no need to factor delivery to my home into the price. I have found a place in Texas advertising them online for $6400. I won't be financing it and I understand that that should make the price come down a little as well. Thanks in advance, this forum has already helped to educate me on zero turn mowers and seems to be filled with curteous people full of knowledge.
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