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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
Now a lift kit, big tires, rims, brush guard, pimped stereo, etc are a complete waste on money in my opinion.
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Hmm, half of the landscape/lawncare/whatever companies I see have these......or a rust bucket.

I always just ask myself what I'd like to see pulling up to my house if I needed to hire someone. Myself along with others probably wouldn't think about it if someone showed up in a clean regular or crew cab, gas or diesel, pick up or dump truck. I don't think many potential customers could even remember what you showed up with. But the lift kits, wild rims, crazy loud exhausts, truck falling apart or other things that make me think is this a contractor or what? Again I agree these are a waste of money and a lot of guys have them for whatever reason...... Personally I am much more at ease when a clean truck shows up with someone dressed for business (polo or very clean t-shirt) for an estimate. I'm sold on the image thing with a company. If I come over to a work site, then yes people may be dirty and whatnot. But the clean image thing can go a long way I believe.
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