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Looks good ...

I would put the contractor license and phone number in the header area so people do not have to scroll down. A lot a of people have limited time and profeciency with computers so you always want to keep a sales driven approach to make it as easy as possible to contact you.

As mentioned before, breaking out topics such as lawn care to one page will help your search results. A tightly worded topic page that has lots of synoyms for lawn care will do much, much better on search results than one page that lists everything.

If I type "portland contractor water garden" you are the second result on google. But, if I type "portland contractor lawn service" it will not be there. Lawn service is much more competitive web search, but it will only help you to have on dedicated page.

You have to write pages for search engines as well as people. Too much different topics and the search engine will not strongly link a search query to the page and you will go down in results. But on the same hand, you want to your page to be readable and pleasant to actually humans.
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