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Rookie mistakes

Today was one of those days where I did something so dumb that it cost me 2 hours of my time, and made an @$$ of myself at the dealership.

I got to my first account this morning, grabbed the line trimmer, started it up, and the spindle fell off soon as it started spinning. Not sure how it came loose in the first place, but whatever. I picked it up along with the plate that fell off with it, put it back together, fired it up, and now it wouldn't spin. Unsure of what the deal was (bluntly, I'm no mechanic by any means), I took it down to the dealership at least 45 minutes away. I brought it in, told the guy behind the counter what had happened... He took one quick look at it, and said "you put the plate back on upside down." Good Jesus... I went all the way down there, and that was the only problem? Frick... Just put a dunce hat on me, and send me on my way.
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