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Originally Posted by georgialawn88 View Post
good thing i dont care what you think.
it works for me and ive never had the police called.
AND i get a boat load of work....

It's not about what "I" think. It's about the unprofessional nature of what you are suggesting.

I just wouldn't want others thinking that your suggestion was a good one without considering the big picture.

I've seen and participated in discussions on this topic before and I've never once found that the general consensus was that throwing garbage in people's driveways was a good idea.

A large newspaper publisher here started doing something like that. They would send some clown around in the wee hours of the morning tossing rolled-up "sale papers" into every driveway. It made the neighborhood look like crap and to make matters worse, they began to pile up on some properties. Complaints were made and that practice was stopped.

Feel free to continue to not care what I think.
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