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Discontent with many employers was beginning to become old. It seemed I would get a job, find that the managers were afraid to make a decision on their own. At 30 years of age, this was not going very well.

I began to think I could make some extra money mowing a few lawns around the neighborhood. The first Summer I picked up 7 lawns. I doubled it the next year and realized I could make a decent living if I continued to double. I used a Target brand mower, Homelite trimmer and blower, all tossed into a 1984 Ford Tempo acquired from an auction for $125.00. A $400 operation!

After continuing to add more customers, my made for a homeowner equipment began to fail. I replaced my Target mower with a Craftsman mower. Well the craftsman lasted about 6 weeks. I then opted for a commercial lawn boy 21". I pushed that lawn boy for an entire season, doing 40 lawns per week.

After five years I have reached the point where I have maximized my efficiency, minimized my costs, and am now looking for another challenge. This season is my last fulltime season, I expect next season to be the final season.

Cars are my passion, and like the lawn business, I will go for it alone! Good luck to everyone, follow your dreams.
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