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Apparently the rest if the USA is outside of the Atlanta bubble. There isn't one lawn company not putting down granular fert right now in ATL. Yeah it's 100 degress but it's bermuda and it's fine. 90% of companies buy their fert from jdl and it's a nicely coated slow release fert. I have been backpack spraying with celc and sticker and fertilizing every day this week and just leaving a note to water and everything is fine. The benefit is that the weeds die quickly with this heat. I also add some chelated iron to my backpack but either way it's so hot, if the grass gets burned the homeowner thinks they didn't water enough and if they think that, they water enough... Bermuda grows like crazy with some fert and hot weather so any damage is mitigated quickly. People are paying for a service so get out there and treat some lawns and quit with the excuses.
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