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Originally Posted by greenstatelc View Post
I am considering selling my lawn care business because I am burnt out. I started the business 14 years ago when I was 12. I currently have 93 weekly accounts I live in spokane washington so we get about 26 mows on average a year. All the lawns are in a three mile radius so the lawns that are the farthest away from each other it takes no longer than fifteen minutes.


My average lawn price which includes sales tax is $25.44. So every week the business gross is $2742. I estimate the business will net $45000 after taxes and everything. It takes two guys 25 hrs to mow the lawns each week. that doesnt include dump trips or maintenance time or paper work time.

I also have 30 snow throwing accounts. I bill out $700 every time it snows 2" or more and $850 if it snows 6" or more. last year I made around $5500. It takes two guys 6 hrs to complete the route.

I also offer pruining, aerating, power raking, and cleanup for our clients. This year that made $8000.

So this year $63000.


36" Toro Proline HyDro Kawa (5years old but runs like a beast)
2 26" exmarks ( both 3 years old) good shape
1 26" exmark part mower.

2 shidawa commercial trimmers one is 3 months old the other a year old
1 echo commercial stick edger 2 yrs old

1shidawa back pack blower 4 yrs old
1 shidawa hand held comm. three months old
1 Echo hand held blower 2 yrs old

1 blue bird aerator ten yrs old runs good
1 blue bird pwr raker 5 yrs old

1 aerions 28" snow thrower 1 yr old
1 single stage toro commercial thrower

Nice 7 ft X 10 ft trailer. fully ready to go trimmer rack and signs. and front storage.

93 Ford ranger with nice fully enclosed bed with signs. 4X4 dual cab. Runs good 210,000 miles. well maintained.


full service website
well recognisable logo account so the number on the signs can be used

ANY advice or suggestions on how to value this setup would be appreciated. THanks for reading!
List it with a business broker. You might get $125,000 if your tax returns support your $63,000 number.
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