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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Such a person is probably not going to work for you or anybody else, rather have his own business.

Kudos to the OP for the decision to "get out." At your age, career is a long time ahead of you, and cutting grass is not a plan. No, we don't know the details of your situation, but using your education is a far better plan. NOW is the time to have made this decision, and get started on a path that will likely lead to a much better future.
What an incredibly stupid thing to say. Yes, rack up all kinds of debt training for a career that has likely already been outsourced to India years ago. Compete with the 1000's of other unqualified kids who "had to go to college just because" who all submit their resume' for 2 open positions. Genius.

No, being a self-made, self-employed man is the much better route. It's the infinitely more prosperous route. Always has been. Always will be. that's the american dream.

You can't go work for GM for 40 years once you turn 18 and retire 2 Florida with a million in retirement saving anymore. Those times are long gone.
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