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Originally Posted by greenstatelc View Post
Thanks for all the information. To answer the questions as to what Im going to do in the future, I have a degree in business marketing/ communications, and I am entertaining the idea of moving to Seattle so I can start climbing the business ladder. I have lived in the same place my hole life and I feel if Im burnt out at 26 with lawn care there is no way i would be happy at 40 doing the same thing. The seasonal part of the business gets to me and mainly I just dont want to be old and regret not trying something new

Im thinking about asking $30000 but having $20000 be the lowest i would take.
Sadly, that happens to many people, it is called a mid-life crisis. It will happen no matter what.

You have basically a strong foundation at a very young age. You have a lot of freedom you Will not get in the " I have a job" world.

My $0.02 cents is to build a business plan and work it, You could spend 2 years making this thing grow and sell it for twice as much if need be.

I seriously doubt you will regret growing a landscape company into a million dollar business or even bigger. This is your best chance to use your education and natural gifts.

There are other services you can leverage this thing into as well. You just need to get out of your rut and stop thinking the grass on the other side of the fence is greener.
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