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Thank you sir, its been nice to have some time to clean equipment up a little, to keep a clean image. With the weather being so hot, its good to have some time for easy work.

I've been getting to see what kind of clients are going to be an issue now that I've been full time for awhile. There are one or two who want something for nothing, and it is very apparent that they are not the kind of customer that I, or any other LCO, would want. I've had some confrontation with a customer which was a learning experience.

Good customers are hard to find, so I've been working hard to keep the good ones happy, and more than satisfied with my work. Doing a little extra work, even if it costs you money will make you money in the end. Good customers don't always need to be charged for every little thing, I charged well enough initially that little extra work here and there doesn't hurt my profit.

I've also learned to keep constant notation of each account to show dates of what has been done, and what needs to be done, or mentioned to the homeowner. That way we can mention or quote them for something, whether they want it done or not, it shows that I care about the overall appearance of their home or business.

Another challenge so far has been keeping on top of equipment and vehicle maintenance, it can be constantly pushed back every week if you don't keep on it.

Just a few things from my learning curve of being full time so far!
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